Posted by: deeestinations | October 29, 2009

Top European destinations I have been to

  1. Barcelona (Spain)
  2. London (England)
  3. Athens (Greece)
  4. Prague (Czech Republic)
  5. Venice (Italy)
  6. Nei Pori (Greece)
  7. Rovinj (Croatia)
  8. Paleokastritsa (Greece)
  9. Golden Sands (Bulgaria)

The ranking is subject to changes…



  1. C’est moi, c’est vous
    C’est grand, c’est too tout…
    It’s too good to be true,
    All the things we can do.

  2. Good girls go to heaven,
    Bad girls go to Prague

    …i vote for Prague 😀

  3. barcelona to visit, london to stay

  4. I would choose …Paris Paris Paris! 🙂

    • For sure in top 5. All I need to do now is fly to Paris:)

  5. Athens before Venice? I`m shocked.I`m gonna let you get away with Barcelona at number 1..for obvious reasons 😛

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